Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it's all about her...cetta

right...she's my first beloved daughter...the photoes were taken  few months ago,,i've forgotten when  exactly...she's 13 months  already- time goes fast by seeing her- since she came into my life,everything is just all about her...she's the joy of my n my hubby..she's cute n funny...annoying sometimes but she's gorgeus in some way....
grandma was holding her 

playing everything around her
...seems she want to be a commercial star

Funny is'nt she....her attitudes are never be boring,always make us smile in some way........  3 words about her: eating a lot , funny , n hyperactive.
Still, I hardly believe that I'm a mother now.Giving a birth is a great  bless that not every women afford...babies are so innocent, funny in natural way both physically n mannerism...Sometimes I wonder that there's human could deny those natural disposition....babies are so cute, so funny, but adult sometimes unable translating their natural behavior.
Anyway, a great  expectation is in your future my cetta. An expectation from me n my hubby, also be a prayer accompanying her n foward
Love u always, a wise girl someday