Wednesday, January 15, 2014

linen n cotton accordeon wallet

It's wallet time...after months of bags sewing finally I reach a point that I was so boring...So I decided to make wallets....A new look with a new techniqe...(seems my writing is wrong, yet I dont know the correct one....nevermine....)
Well let me introduce my newest product - framed accordeon wallet

I try to choose vintage fabrics for this product due to the vintage looks of the frame....And I love it,  wallets with a touch of vintage n edgy looks.

But you know what...I really enjoy every step of the process cos it's turn out to be much more easier than making bags....more simple n took few times only. And the result is some custom order from my lovely customers....

At the time I writing this, I still on progress of completing of some custom orders.

 Well, actually I have one more new product, which   is accordeon wallet clutch, with long strap      additional.
                                                                                                                                                           But I don't want to show it now...hohoho... dont                                                                                      worry I'll show it in my next writing....
                                                                                      So happy crafting to you all