Saturday, November 2, 2013

october custom order... linen panel tote bags

Alhamdulillah, October was a busy month  cos I have some custom orders...n uncomplished yet till now...hehehehe
I only accomplished 3 different tote bags with a same pattern
 this is my favorite one, so preety isn't it
Salut for ms. Annete choosing the bird flowery panel n a beautifull pink flowery linen.
Well this red color is a request of the costumer...She does like  red a lot...So I try to please her by applying the red though I dont really fix about...but she likes it
The last but not least...the panel was also choosen by the pale isn't it....too many empthy space on the panel...but she choosed it....n u know wahat, there's someone  who request it to repeat...hmmmm....well people's taste in art is just so wide open....funny   ha

still to be continue for the unfinish custom orders.......

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