Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recycled DIY

Another recycled DIY....this time I choose food's obviously more durable and easy to find in our house. One day I saw  a chocolate box can at my office, then somehow I had an idea to make over it into a beautifull can. What was in my mind was that it's too pitty to throw away the can.. I like the shape, anyway.

Then I went to a paper shop and picked some art paper...Carefully I wrapped the can with the art paper. Remember, not to give any space on the surface of the can by giving  glue ( here I used Fox white glue, usually apply for wooden ) smoothly on the surface using a brush....Try to have a balance aqueous glue  to easier apply ... You can add some water into the glue... became a beautiful can...Then I make another one....While the Tango, I let it just that way cos it seems a bit difficult to wrap because of the round shape....But I'll try  someday when I have the mood...Cos mood is number one in crafting......Don't you all agree.....!!!!

SO. ...let's go green by recycling everything around us....

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