Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Project

DIY Fabric Clutch

I've made this clutch when I were in early pregnancy last year...I bought a crafty book n learned it then practised it...n whola I' ve made a beautifull clutch I can wear in formal occasion.....From all trial n error in making clutches, this was the best one...Others...heheehe... don't ask me please!

Actually the 'Do It Yourself" project wasn't my first. I've made some pouches and wallet. All of them were made from fabric whether used fabric as well as new fabric. But mostly made by sewing. While the clutch was made more by sticking together with fabric glue.

Back to the 'red clutch'....Really takes time to finish the clutch....It's really nessecary for  us to have exact detail on the measurement....Measurement give an important contribution on overall ending. If your measurement on every part is right, then you'll be able to complete a proper clutch just exactly it 's suppose to be.

What you need to make the clutch are fabric, magnet button, cardboard, thin foam as the inner, fabric glue,and  some stone rock to add ornament on the flap. The first step you should pay a big attention to is determine the pattern.
Too bad I dont have the tutorial to share....but I have the book ( hope someone want to borrow it).

Anyway, I add a chain handle  so I can wear it in two different style- based on the necessity-I bought the chain in  a crafty shop near Beringharjo named " Petra ". There, you can find rock stones, magnetic button, and also fabric glue .

Well, what do you it pretty enough to be wore on a party........?????????
- well I've used it several times- But honestly, I doubt that I can make this kind of clutch again as well as that..........

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